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 Our Cattle  

     We started our Cattle adventure in 1984 and have been at it ever since.   

After many years of raising Registered Simmentals & Simbrahs, we added a Beefmaster Bull to cross with some of our cows.  The calm dispositions & larger weaning weights on the calves is what sold us on adding more Beefmasters to our farm.   We were very selective in choosing elite proven genetics for our original foundation Beefmaster herd.  Since 1994, we have grown our Beefmaster herd by adding performance based bulls as needed & keeping back a percentage of our heifers and bulls each year.  Our Beefmasters are registered thru Beefmaster Breeders United.

     Our breed up program started with 76 Angus heifers.  These all came from a well established herd known for producing good cattle.  We have several half Beefmaster/Angus as well as 3/4 Beefmasters in our herd still today.

    We sell to Registered Beefmaster breeders, Commercial breeders, & meat packers.  Our herd is based on the Beefmasters 6 Essentials...weight, conformation, milk production, fertility, hardiness, & disposition.  

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