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 Our Goats 

We've been in the Meat Goat business since 1984.  Through the years we have had several different breeds of goats.  Some worked for us and some didn't.  Thru hard work and strict culling, we have developed a Goat herd that we are proud of.  

These goats are not pampered.  They are not grain fed fat pets kept in small areas with no grass.  Our goats are raised on pastures of fescue and mixed grasses, wooded areas of weeds and brush and haylage baled on our farm.

Minerals, salt and minimal feed during the droughts or winter months are their only supplements. Our goats are vaccinated annually and only wormed as needed.  They have been bred for their conformation, fertility, mothering abilities, hardiness and their ability to adapt to Missouri weather conditions.

In 2007 we added a Registered Fullblood Savanna Buck and a few Registered Fullblood Savanna Does to our operation.  We were so pleased with the Savanna Goats that we increased our herd of Savannas with a breed up program and adding additional Fullblood Savanna Bucks.  Our herd is now 100% Savanna influenced.  We raise quality Registered Fullbloods, Purebreds, and Percentages for Registered & Commercial Breeders.  All of our Fullblood Savanna Does & Bucks have been DNA verified thru U.C. Davis/California to ensure that they are 100% South African Savannas.  Our goats are registered thru Pedigree International, which was established in 2000 as the original registry for the Savanna goat in the USA. 

y27 sire keoma_edited.jpg

savannagoatsaugust2014 028.jpg

The savanna was developed from indigenous goats in the rugged, harsh country of South Africa where the temperatures and rainfall can vary a lot.  Natural selection played a big role in the development of these fertile, easy to care for, rapid growing, heat & drought resistant animals.  This large, extremely well muscled goat has fully pigmented skin that protects them from ultra-violet rays.  The savannas white color and excellent muscular development makes them much sought after for slaughter purposes.  The original Savanna importers in the United States specifically selected this hardy meat goat breed with all of these traits in mind.

Savannas are hardy and adaptable with a natural resistance against tick borne diseases and other parasites.  We have found that we do not have to worm our Savanna goats or Savanna crosses as often.  Hoof trimming has been minimal , Since natural selection played a big role in the development of the Savanna goat, they are heat and drought resistant and easily endure cold and rain as well.  Ours do extremely well in all types of weather and have not needed to be pampered.

Savanna goats have relatively simple and low nutrional requirements and can survive and reproduce under most conditions.  Our savannas do extremely well and maintain good body conditions.  They graze on pastures of mixed grass and fescue, wooded areas of weeds and brush and have additional mixed baled hay in the winter.

Savanna goats are not seasonal breeders, so they can be successfully bred to your schedule.  They are highly fertlle and great mothers.  Our savannas do quite well and kid unassited out in pasture.  They are excellent mothers and milk well.  Our Savanna kids are up and nursing within minutes of being born, hardly giving their mothers time to start licking them clean.

Savanna Goats have made our lives easier and much more profitable.  After many years of raising goats, we have found the Savanna Meat Goat to be very fertile, maternal, healthy, fast growing and easy to care for.  What more could we ask for?

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