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SS E05'S L134          
DNA-Parent Verified
100% Fullblood Savanna Doe
e05 L134(800x626)_edited.jpg
SS E05'S L160
DNA-Parent Verified
100% Fullblood Savanna Doe
e05 L160 yellow 56 (800x683)_edited.jpg

These 2 girls born thru embryo transplant are beautiful and well put together. 

They are sired by the first savanna born in the United States. 

WW E05's parents were both born in South Africa

and were part of the original dispersal of goats.

WW E05 was a very prolific herdsire

and he can be found in the extended pedigrees of many of today's top performing bucks and does.

Their dam, GCS MOLLY, is a large thick doe with lots of bone, dark pigment, and 1x1 teat structure. 

She adds a well put together pedigree from Gold City Savannas going back to 4C W1118 and 4C X414.

WW E05 DOES_edited.jpg

Sire:   WW E06

WW E05


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